Campus-To-Corporate Initiative
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Our purpose is to establish a bridge between new juniors (Sapiens) and experienced seniors by providing a “Personal Mentor” so that all juniors are well informed every time & be prepared for the worst and make the most of their campus & corporate time.

Here we mentor our students to get placed in their dream company, ace the management challenges, and excel academically.

Campus to Corporate Program

Skilled Sapiens is a community supported by IIM and IIT alumni to mentor and guide college students in their career & professional growth. The goal of this community is to provide a personal “Personal Mentor” who will support and guide students in getting placements by improving their juniors’ soft and technical abilities.

Benefits of an enrolled community member

Once enrolled, you will get:

Live Domain-Specific Sessions

24*7 Doubt Clearing Sessions

Mock GD-PI Sessions

20+ Detailed Industry Insights

Personalized Mentorship

On-Demand Live Sessions

Recorded Domain Session

Resume Mentorship

Industry Skills & Certifications

Paid Live Project opportunities

Schedule 24*7 Doubt clearing session with your assigned mentor after joining our community!

  • Basic to advance understanding of all the Financial/Marketing/ Operations/Consulting concepts, frameworks & models.

  • On-demand live sessions on specific domains & topics.

  • A live project will be focused mainly on Consumer behavior analysis, Investment Banking, Operations, management consulting, etc. in order to understand the practicality of all the frameworks.

  • Curated personalized modules & Booklets, covering all the necessary terms & concepts of each domain. (Crux of MBA)

  • On-demand company & role-specific live mentorship sessions before your respective interviews.

  • 24*7 live web & Application portal for recorded video content & doubt clearing forum.

  • Domain-specific resume and profile-building guidance.

  • Domain or general GD Preparation & frequently asked GD topics analysis booklet.

Our Industry experts have summarized the vast knowledge of all the domains in very simplified & easy to understand modules.

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Resume & Profile Building

Your Resume is more than just a piece of paper; it is the culmination of all of your hard work and accomplishments. Making an ATS-compatible CV is one of the most challenging yet crucial phases in the placement season. Your MBA CV acts as a unifying thread in the tapestry that is your MBA application, giving context to your career accomplishments. As a result, the level of your professional experience, as well as your leadership abilities, must be shown in your MBA resume.

Sales & Marketing

The problem with a large portion of students interested in bagging a marketing internship is that they think they will smooth-talk through their selection process. When everyone thinks the same way, no one has an upper hand. That is why it is important to back your articulation with in-depth knowledge and a scientific approach. This course will equip you to stand out in a sea of ‘smooth-talkers because it will help you go beyond.

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Finance enhances your knowledge about business skills and most importantly, you get a deeper knowledge about finance skills. Finance being the most popular specialization in MBA programs, one can enter into different industries like the corporate sector, banking, real estate business, investment services, Corporate investment management, Portfolio management, Hedge fund management,  Coverage of global financial institutions, valuation, volatility, fixed income securities, international markets, and macroeconomics.etc.


An MBA in consulting teaches students to refine the strengths that consulting firms will be on the lockout for, such as business problem solving, communication, corporate strategy skills and analysis of business situations and issues.


Operations managers are responsible for managing activities within the production of goods and services, utilizing resources from staff, materials, equipment, and technology. Studying operations in an MBA program gives you the opportunity to learn the skills and tools needed to bring these innovations to life.

HR & Soft Skills

In many jobs, technical skills alone aren’t enough to get the job done effectively. Strong soft skills ensure a productive, collaborative, and healthy work environment, all vital attributes for organizations in an increasingly competitive world. Soft skills are your interpersonal abilities like communication and presentation skills, listening abilities, empathy, and creativity. While earning your MBA, it is equally important to acquire much-needed soft skills which are needed in every sphere of our lives.

SIP Placement Module

Campus to corporate
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Consulting
  • HR & Soft Skills
Personal Mentorship
Campus to corporate
  • Career & Profile Counseling
  • Resume Guidance
  • Certifications Guidance
  • Full Placement Mentorship
  • Domain Specific Mentorship

Entrepreneurship Consultancy

Campus to business
  • Business Consultancy
  • Investment Consultancy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Idea Generation
  • Business Registration

Marketing Module

Campus to corporate
  • PBM
  • SDM
  • Resume guidance
  • HR & Soft Skills needed
  • Basic-Advance frameworks
Finance Module
Campus to corporate
  • Derivatives
  • Basic accounting
  • Modeling
  • HR & Soft skills needed
  • Basic-Advance frameworks

Marketing + Consulting

Campus to coprorate
  • SDM & PBM
  • Case based learning
  • Consulting frameworks
  • Marketing frameworks
  • HR based questions

Our Community Members!

The session with Vedashi ma’am assisted me in honing my existing Excel skills. The real-life use case scenarios have taught me to think of Excel as a tool rather than just enterprise software. I would recommend this training to anyone interested in becoming a manager.

Shivangi Chodhury || XIC

I had a great time participating in Marketing Analytics workshops. Many fresh and exciting ideas astonished me, as did the impact these understandings had on my learning. It was also fantastic to learn with this course’s peer group. Thank you for taking the initiative, and good luck for the future to you guys!

Parul Sharma || MICA

Understand us better!!

Frequently Asked Question

  • Skilled Sapiens is a community supported by IIM and IIT alumni to mentor and guide college students in their career & professional growth. The goal of this community is to provide a “Mentor Bhaiya/Didi” who will support and guide students in getting placements by improving their juniors’ soft and technical abilities.
  • All of the mentors in this community are either working professionals at top MNCs or have successfully launched their businesses. We aim to provide one-on-one personal mentoring and hand-holding to all the members of our community until they are placed in their dream company. We also provide entrepreneurial guidance to our students who wish to establish their businesses while pursuing their educational degrees.
  • Our Mentor Bhaiya and Didi will be lifelong partners who will always be there for our community members when they need guidance and assistance. In B-schools, we want to create an informal mentor-mentee environment with the help of this initiative.
  1. Self-evaluate your profile & check domain knowledge. If you need structured mentorship & guidance in your placement preparation, then go with skilled sapiens.
  2. Enroll & join our community & tell us your requirements & expectations. Start learning via personalized & customized mentorship sessions & Modules.
  3. Get your profile credentials. Interact with our mentors Schedule calls with your mentors & other learners Get curated modules & sessions Learn & become skilled Sapiens.
  4. Successfully get placed into your dream company/role. You can also request on-demand sessions.

We have a pool of mentors with varied experience and qualifications (IIT & IIM alumni). We will assign the best suitable mentors for you based on the details filled you in the application form at registration

After enrolling in any of our courses, you will be given options to choose domain experts. You can schedule regular/ weekly meetings with them, and also, there will be an option to email 24*7. You can also ask for additional sessions before any interview.

You need to register on the given link; give in all your details along with your LinkedIn profile. After successful verification of your details, you will receive access to our portal.


Skilled sapiens initially filter by thoroughly reviewing their profile with the help of the industry expertise and post that we also have a process of mentor rating after each service we take suggestions from you and based on which we keep the check on the quality.

This Platform has multiple consultants to guide the entrepreneurs in different phases of start-ups; entrepreneurs can get their idea verified before launching. Entrepreneurs can also learn various start-ups basics and expert-level knowledge through our multiple Entrepreneurship and start-up-related courses.

We mentor our students to start their start-ups before even passing out from their respective colleges. We coach our students to establish their businesses. We provide our students with personalized mentorships in MVP testing, market research, team building, product development, sales, marketing, and other areas to help them become successful generational entrepreneurs.

We have specifically designed modules that would be key to Placements and SIPs. These modules are created by the industry experts, which included all the major questions asked in the domain interview. Apart from this, you can also learn different courses to boost your course knowledge.

Also, we provide paid consulting & other domain live projects in top MNCs or growing/funded startups to our community members. 

At Skilled Sapiens all the tutors get an opportunity to showcase the expertise in the fields and earn simultaneously. You will get various paid sessions after onboarded as a mentor on the platform. Also, you will get several opportunity to interact with the bright minds of IIMs & IITs.

Yes, you can register on the given link; give in all your details along with your LinkedIn profile. After successful verification of your details, we will offer you the benefits according to your experience and qualification

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