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  1. Excel best practices & concepts – Easy to Medium Level
  2. Analyzing Data
  3. Scenario Analysis
  1. Introduction to financial modelling and use cases across profiles
  2. Building core statements and supporting schedules
  3. Troubleshooting the model
  4. Building drivers
  5. Structure of a Financial Model
  1. Revenue Drivers
  2. Expense Drivers
  3. Non-Current Asset Drivers
  4. Working Capital and Other Assets and Liabilities
  5. Debt Schedule
  6. Capex Schedule
  1. Understanding 3- Statement Linkage
  2. Making a Deal Ready Model
  3. FCFF & Reverse DCF
  4. Demand driver, supply factors and pricing
  5. Industry classification
  1. Overview of Valuation
  2. Valuation Drivers
  3. Understanding Valuation Approaches
  4. Trading Comparable and Relative Valuation
  5. Trading comparables analysis
  6. Precedent transaction comparable
  7. Discounted cash flow analysis
  8. Dividend discount model
  9. Sum-of-the-parts valuation
  10. Holding company valuation
  11. Terminal Value and Sensitivity Analysis
  12. Analyzing the multiples
  1. Overview of equity research role
  2. Developing research insights
  3. Drafting equity research reports
  1. Resume Building & Profile building
  2. Acing Group Discussions (GD)
  3. Acing Personal Interviews (PI)
  4. Company specific interview preparation assistance

1 Month Live Project Experience in Equity Research & Financial Modeling domain

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Financial Analyst Leadership Program

  1. A comprehensive program for three core finance roles: Investment Banking, Equity Research, Credit Rating

  2. A curated learning path from basic of accounting to building final deliverables

  3. Complimentary access to live webinars, Case studies, 1-1 mentorship, Live project


Financial Modeling Leadership Program

  1. Step-by-Step three statement financial model building

  2. Revenues & cost drivers for multiple industries

  3. Complimentary access to live webinars, PDFs, Case studies, 1-1 mentorship sessions, Corporate live project etc.


Investment Banking + Equity Research Leadership Program

  1. Gain insights on investment banking role & deliverables

  2. Understand and build core equity research models & reports

  3. Complimentary access to live webinars and live project, 1-1 mentorship sessions, PDFs, Case studies, etc.



Finance Leadership Program - FLP

7999 Rs 6499

Learn from industry mentors JP Morgan, Deloitte, Nomura, EY, etc. in small cohorts of 10 students via live sessions & case studies

Schedule 24*7 Doubt clearing session with your assigned mentor after joining our programs!

our Students Feedback

It was a fantastic session! Mr. Varun's journey on branding and the different subtleties of working in the FMCG sector were fascinating to hear about. I learned a lot of technical information as well as the entire product lifecycle. I hope he does more of these sessions in the future.
Akshat Kaitwar
IIM Udaipur
Everyone should join Skilled Sapiens and take control of their professions, in my opinion. There's no need to reinvent the wheel when you can easily figure out how to define career goals, finalize a career action plan, or use mentors as a sounding board for your action plan.
Vivek Yadav
IIM Shillong
Skilled Sapiens will assist you in determining what you truly desire and how it relates to your professional objectives. It will assist you in determining what you can achieve and what options are available based on your selected parameters. Take a chance; it could completely transform your life.
IMT Ghaziabad
The sessions helped me to clarify my career objectives and the steps I needed to take to accomplish them. After completing the program, I am much more clear-headed, and I immediately began trying to get into my desired B-School, job, and career.
Naman Arora
IIM Raipur
It's a fantastic initiative to enable individuals engage with industry professionals and gain firsthand insights from them. Skilled Sapiens has a fantastic team of mentors, and anyone interested in stepping into a new career or learning the intricacies of any subject should give it a shot.
IIFT Delhi

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Skilled Sapiens?
  1. Skilled Sapiens is a community supported by IIM and IIT alumni to mentor and guide college students in their career & professional growth. The goal of this community is to provide a ” Personal Mentor” who will support and guide students in getting placements by improving their juniors’ soft and technical abilities.
  2. All of the mentors in this community are either working professionals at top MNCs or have successfully launched their businesses. We aim to provide one-on-one personal mentoring and hand-holding to all the members of our community until they are placed in their dream company. We also provide entrepreneurial guidance to our students who wish to establish their businesses while pursuing their educational degrees.
  3. Our Mentor will be lifelong partners who will always be there for our community members when they need guidance and assistance. In B-schools, we want to create an informal mentor-mentee environment with the help of this initiative.
How does this personal mentorship program works?
  1. Self-evaluate your profile & check domain knowledge. If you need structured mentorship & guidance in your placement preparation, then go with skilled sapiens.
  2. Enroll & join our community & tell us your requirements & expectations. Start learning via personalized & customized mentorship sessions & Modules.
  3. Get your profile credentials. Interact with our mentors Schedule calls with your mentors & other learners Get curated modules & sessions Learn & become skilled Sapiens.
  4. Successfully get placed into your dream company/role. You can also request on-demand sessions.
What will be the qualifications of the mentors?

We have a pool of mentors with varied experience and qualifications (IIT & IIM alumni). We will assign the best suitable mentors for you based on the details filled you in the application form at registration

How can I connect with my mentors?

After enrolling in any of our courses, you will be given options to choose domain experts. You can schedule regular/ weekly meetings with them, and also, there will be an option to email 24*7. You can also ask for additional sessions before any interview.

How can I become a mentor at your platform?

You need to register with us with your LinkedIn profile. After successful verification of your details, you will receive access to our portal.

How does Skilled Sapiens ensure the quality of service?

Skilled sapiens initially filter by thoroughly reviewing their profile with the help of the industry expertise and post that we also have a process of mentor rating after each service we take suggestions from you and based on which we keep the check on the quality.

I am an entrepreneur, how this platform can be helpful for me?

This Platform has multiple consultants to guide the entrepreneurs in different phases of start-ups; entrepreneurs can get their idea verified before launching. Entrepreneurs can also learn various start-ups basics and expert-level knowledge through our multiple Entrepreneurship and start-up-related courses.

We mentor our students to start their start-ups before even passing out from their respective colleges. We coach our students to establish their businesses. We provide our students with personalized mentorships in MVP testing, market research, team building, product development, sales, marketing, and other areas to help them become successful generational entrepreneurs.

I am a B-School Student, how this platform can be helpful for me?

We have specifically designed modules that would be key to Placements and SIPs. These modules are created by the industry experts, which included all the major questions asked in the domain interview. Apart from this, you can also learn different courses to boost your course knowledge.

Also, we provide paid consulting & other domain live projects in top MNCs or growing/funded startups to our community members. 

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