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About Placement Mentorship Program

MBA Placement Program is an course designed to provide a kick start MBA placement with basic-advance must-have domain knowledge sessions & personalized mentorship included. This program will enable students to perform better in placement drives by providing them expertise in domain knowledge, Corporate competitions guidance, GD-PI, Resume Building, Profile building etc. They will also get to interact with industry professionals and IIM Alumni to gain insights about domains, industries, and MBA life. Students will also get curated domain wise compendiums and most asked interview questions with best possible answers. HR round interview prep is also covered in this mentorship program.

Program Features!!

About our module!!

  1. How To Start Your Preparation?
  2. What Do different Domains Offer?
  3. Which Is The Right Domain For You?
  4. What Do Companies Look For During Placements?
  1. Intro To Sales & Marketing & Its Applications
  2. Basic To Advance Coverage of Topics & Frameworks
  3. Skills Required & Day In The Life Of Professionals
  4. Preparing For Interviews & Curated Compendiums
  5. FAQs Booklet
  1. What Is Investment Banking, Skills Required & A Day In The Life Of An Investment Banker
  2. Careers In Research Analyst & Non-IB Roles
  3. Finance & IB Interviews
  4. How To Prepare For Different Finance Roles?
  5. FAQs Booklet
  1. What is Product Management, Basics Of Design Thinking, A/B Testing, etc.
  2. Skills Required & A Day In The Life Of A PM
  3. Preparing For Interviews Interview Prep Study Material
  4. Basic To Advance Concepts Of PM Roles
  5. FAQs Booklet
  1. What Is Ops & SCM Inventory Mgmt., Forecasting, Six Sigma, etc.
  2. Skills Required & A Day In The Life Of An Ops Manager
  3. Preparing For Interviews (Basic to Advance)
  4. Interview Prep Study Material
  5. FAQs Booklet
  1. What is Guesstimation?
  2. How to estimate? (Guesstimation)
  3. Introduction to different Markets
  4. Market Analysis
  5. Market Size estimation
  6. Industry Analysis
  7. Market Entry
  8. What Is Consulting, Skills Required & A Day In The Life Of A Consultant
  9. Preparing For Consulting Interviews
  10. Interview Prep Study Material
  11. FAQs Booklet
  1. What Is HR Management In Today’s World?
  2. Career Options In HR Skills Required & A Day In The Life Of HR Manager
  3. Preparing For Interviews
  4. Interview Prep Study Material
  5. FAQs Booklet – HR Round Questions
  1. CV: Learn How To Curate Best CV of Your Batch
  2. SoP & Form: Do’s & Don’ts, How To Fill Out A Statement Of Purpose
  1. What Is The Shortlisting Process?
  2. What Parameters Do Hiring Managers Look Into?

Two Mock PIs and GD with instant feedback & analysis report based on your
performance (Personalized Mentorship Support)

After completing the theory sessions you will be onboarded as a Management Trainee into a company of your industry/domain interest to build your profile & CV Points

What You will get in the program?

By completing this course, you will

MBA Placement Bootcamp Program

8999 Rs 4999

Full Placement Prep – Best for MBA 1st and 2nd year (With PPI opportunities to top performers with Reliance, E&Y)

Schedule a 24*7 Doubt clearing session with your assigned mentor after joining this program!

our Students Feedback

It was a fantastic session! Mr. Varun's journey on branding and the different subtleties of working in the FMCG sector were fascinating to hear about. I learned a lot of technical information as well as the entire product lifecycle. I hope he does more of these sessions in the future.
Akshat Kaitwar
IIM Udaipur
Everyone should join Skilled Sapiens and take control of their professions, in my opinion. There's no need to reinvent the wheel when you can easily figure out how to define career goals, finalize a career action plan, or use mentors as a sounding board for your action plan.
Vivek Yadav
IIM Shillong
Skilled Sapiens will assist you in determining what you truly desire and how it relates to your professional objectives. It will assist you in determining what you can achieve and what options are available based on your selected parameters. Take a chance; it could completely transform your life.
IMT Ghaziabad
The sessions helped me to clarify my career objectives and the steps I needed to take to accomplish them. After completing the programme, I am much more clear-headed, and I immediately began trying to get into my desired B-School, job, and career.
Naman Arora
IIM Raipur
It's a fantastic initiative to enable individuals engage with industry professionals and gain firsthand insights from them. Skilled Sapiens has a fantastic team of mentors, and anyone interested in stepping into a new career or learning the intricacies of any subject should give it a shot.
IIFT Delhi

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