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Skilled Sapiens Community helps organizations solve problems, improve business performance, create value and maximize growth. We identify solutions for business troubles and make suggestions for changes to implement.

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Management Consulting

Marketing Projects

Branding, Digital Marketing, Consumer Insights, Pricing Strategies, Customer Lifecycle Management, Product management, Sales management, etc.

Strategic Projects

Strategy for supply chain/production/sourcing/sales, Entering a new market/category of products/customer segment, etc.

Research Based Projects

Consumer Behavior Analysis, Market Research, Competitor Analysis, Benchmarking, TouchPoint Analysis, Pain Point analysis, Case-Based Research, etc.

Product Development

 Recommend and develop new products and modify existing products to best meet customers' needs

Growth Oriented Projects

Market Expansion, Growth Strategies, Diversification, Merger & Acquisitions, Synergies, etc.


Performance Improvement, Cost Reduction, HR consulting, Legal Advisory, Web Development, etc.

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Every company needs business management consultancy to improve the overall performances of the entire organization of the company by doing this, an organization can help develop the company in every aspect. Management consultancy helps the company exploit the resources for the betterment of the company. It also helps the company to maximize the use of financial and human resources.

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Management Consulting

Annual Wellness Physical

Need a consultation regarding your treatment or diagnosis? I’m always ready to provide you with professional healthcare consulting that is offered at an affordable price. At MedoX, you can expect nothing less than the ultimate level of care when it comes to treatments and consultations.


  • Individual prescriptions
  • Personalized medical consultations
  • Choosing appropriate treatment options
  • Detailed medical opinion
  • Online medical consulting
  • Diagnostic services
  • Urgent medical consulting

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